Our Pharmacy in Downtown Turku Offers a Variety of Services from Prescriptions to Medication Advice

Receive expert assistance in all matters related to medication, health, and well-being.

At Humaliston Pharmacy, you are served with a positive attitude and respect for your privacy, whether you come to pick up prescription medications, cosmetics, seek medication advice, or even return medication waste. We are easily located in the Terveystalo Turku Pulssi building. Welcome!

Medication Advice, Prescription Medications, and Acting on Behalf of Others

You can collect your prescribed medications from us. We also offer the opportunity to discuss your medication, ensuring you are informed about the safe use of your medications. Our medication advice is always provided by a trained professional, a pharmacist or a dispensing chemist.

Our staff can request the renewal of your expired prescription from your doctor. You can also renew your prescription yourself by contacting your health center or electronically via You can also handle prescription matters on behalf of someone else, but you will need their Kela card, patient instructions, a printed summary, or a Pharmacy Service Proxy.


Self-Care Products and Medications

Our shelves offer a diverse range of over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription. We also provide vitamins, dietary supplements, trusted natural products, and cosmetics.

Disposal of Medication Waste

Expired or unused medications and mercury thermometers are hazardous waste that should not be disposed of in household waste or poured down the drain. Return your medication waste to our pharmacy, where it will be sorted and sent to a hazardous waste facility for disposal. Returning medication waste is free of charge.

In addition to medication waste, you can safely return used syringes and needles to us. Please note that mercury, cytostatics, and iodine-containing medications (Jodix, Betadine, and Iodosorb) must be returned in their original packaging separately from other medication waste, as they require special handling at the hazardous waste facility.

We are happy to assist with medication waste returns and all other pharmacy matters. Feel free to visit us or call!

Check the Availability of Your Medication with the Medication Search

We are part of the Medication Search service, through which you can check the stock status of the medication you need at our pharmacy or another pharmacy. The service also provides information on the medication's substitutability, among other details.

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