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Our Pharmacy is Located in Downtown Turku

We are a genuinely service-oriented and expert pharmacy with over a hundred years of history.

Humalisto Pharmacy is part of the Finnish Local Pharmacies chain, located at a central place in Turku, in the Terveystalo Pulssi building. With us, you can safely handle prescription matters and make necessary self-care product and cosmetics purchases. As our loyalty customer, you'll also enjoy many nice benefits.

Our staff always has a smile for every visitor and offers help in all pharmacy purchases supporting health and well-being!

Warmly welcome!

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Strong Values are an Important Part of Our Continued Operation

We have been serving the people of Turku for over a hundred years. The cornerstone of our long-standing operation are the values visible in our daily work: customer orientation, innovation, economy, and responsibility.

Our staff includes several pharmaceutical professionals, and we also participate in the training of pharmacy students and new pharmacy technicians annually. This ensures that our customers always receive service based on the latest information in the field.

Our goal is simple: to be the best pharmacy and workplace in the Turku economic region! Our location is excellent, whether you arrive on foot, by bus, or in your own car. Parking is available on the street in front of the pharmacy and in the Pulssi parking garage.

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Monthly offers

Priorin Extra 60 kaps.

Ravintolisä hiuksille.

39,90 €

1,33 e/kaps.

(sh. 49,00 e)

Membrasin Vaginal Vitality Cream 30 ml

Hoitaa limakalvoja.

13,90 €

0,46 e/ml

(sh. 18,65 e)

Auvoin® hoitava A-vitamiini nenäsuihke 20 ml

Kolmitehoinen nenäsuihke.

10,90 €

0,55 e/ml

(sh. 13,85 e)

Bethover B12 1 mg Vadelma 150 tabl. Bethover B12 + Foolihappo 150 tabl. Bethover B12 + Foolihappo + B6 150 tabl.

Muistin tueksi.

26,50 €

0,18 e/tabl.

(sh. 32,85 ja 33,65 e)

Multivita Plus 200 tabl.

Vitamiini- ja kivennäisainevalmiste.

19,90 €

0,10 e/tabl.

(sh. 26,65 e)

Calsorin 500 mg + D3 20 μg 100 tabl. Puru Calsorin D3 500 mg + 20 μg 100 tabl.

Sisältää kalsiumia ja D-vitamiinia.

15,00 €

0,15 e/tabl.

(sh. 19,90 e)

BioGaia Tabs 30 purutabl. (mansikka ja sitruuna) BioGaia Tabs Appelsiini+D3 30 purutabl.


12,90 € 

0,43 e/tabl.

(sh. 17,90 e)

Bats Creme Antiperspirantti 60 ml Bats Roll-on Antiperspirantti mild 60 ml Bats Roll-on Antiperspirantti women 60 ml

Hikoilun ehkäisyyn. 

Kuukauden supertarjous: kaksi yhden hinnalla 9,00 €

0,15 e/ml

(sh. 9,00 e / 1 kpl)

CCS Jalkavoide 175 ml

Kovettuneelle iholle.

17,90 €

0,10 e/ml

(sh. 23,05 e)

Bepanthen SensiCalm 50 g

Kortisoniton emulsiovoide.

15,50 € 

0,31 e/g

(sh. 18,00 e)

MagneCit 200 tabl. ja purutabl.

Sisältää magnesiumsitraattia.

16,90 € 

0,08 e/tabl.

(sh. 23,95 e)

Nesteytys ratiopharm 10 poretabl.


11,50 € 

1,15 e/tabl.

(sh. 15,60 e)

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